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Capacity Building

Undergoing the learning process is not always easy for adults. We carry around preset ideas, normalized behaviors that may not be productive, biases based on our own experiences, and do not allow ourselves the time - or lack the skills - needed to reflect and internalize our areas of needs and growth.

2-THRIVE provides targeted individualized coaching, consulting, and professional development to individuals, teams, and organizations.

Our goal is to unleash the potential of others so they can productively, efficiently, and effectively undergo the transformation process.

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Trauma-Informed Restorative Practices

2-THRIVE is licensed through the International Institute of Restorative Practices (IIRP) to provide certificate-bearing workshops on restorative practices. In addition to the workshop,

2-THRIVE can provide targeted individualized coaching, consulting, and professional development to support the organization's journey of demonstrating and implementing trauma-based restorative practices with fidelity.

Our goal is to build the intellectual capacity of learners to successfully navigate and thrive in all spaces.

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Curriculum Building

Our Inquiry-Based Learning Approach respects the learning process of all learners.  It is anchored in competency-based education, interdisciplinary integration, and rigor.  We approach constructed curricula through a strength-based lens. 

2-THRIVE can support organizations with building an Inquiry-Based Leaning Approach curriculum for:

* K-12 education
* Higher Ed (Post-Secondary)
* Professional Development
* Growth Plans (Individual and collective)

Our goal is to support organizations in learning, developing, and implementing the Inquiry-Based Learning Approach for all learners. 

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Publication & Podcast

2-THRIVE seeks to elevate the stories of survivors. 

Through Amplified, we can learn, build understanding and start the process of healing through the journey of others. 

If you want to submit your art (writing, poetry, dance, visual arts, etc...) please submit your piece to [email protected] 

If you have a story and do not know where to start book a free consultation with Somaly.  Scroll below and click Amplified and book your time.

Our goal is to publish the authentic voices of those who struggled and survived.  We aim to build the capacity of others through sharing experiences so we can become a stronger collective.  

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