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Our Mission:

To build the capacity of others to cultivate thriving communities that celebrates diversity, practice inclusion, welcome authenticity, and foster belonging. 

Through Restorative Justice and equitable practices, we envision a world where communities are purposefully, intentionally, and strategically cultivating brave and equitable spaces for ALL learners to thrive.  

Core Values

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Equity: We believe in fairness and equal opportunities for all individuals and communities, particularly historically marginalized and oppressed groups.

Collaboration: We value the power of working together and fostering relationships with our education partners, clients, and community to achieve transformative change.

Restorative Justice: We prioritize repairing harm and building trust through Restorative Practices grounded in the belief that all individuals can heal and grow.

Authenticity: We are committed to creating an authentic, transparent, and brave space for individuals, the collective, and organizations to engage in transformative work to heal and grow.

Empowerment: We believe in empowering individuals and organizations to recognize and address systemic inequities and injustices through education, dialogue, and measurable action.  


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Introduction to Restorative Practices

July and August space available

This training will help participants understand restorative concepts and learn effective strategies for navigating behaviors of self and others. Work together to explore how trauma can impact professional, personal, and collegial relationships.  It also covers techniques for building an accountable and nurturing environment for all. Furthermore, participants will explore the value and process of  "Using Circles Effectively" to proactively and responsively build culturally fluent and trauma-informed communities.

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Introduction to Restorative Practices for families!

New cohort July

This training will help participants understand restorative concepts and learn effective strategies for managing behaviors of self and others. Work together to explore how trauma can impact efficacy and productivity. It also covers techniques for building an accountable and nurturing environment for all. Furthermore, participants will explore the value and process of "Using Circles Effectively" to proactively and responsively build culturally fluent communities. 

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Historical Trauma Professional Learning Workshop (6 wks - 2hrs/wk) 100% Online - July and August

Explore your own trauma and the trauma of others.  Look into the concept of transferred, generational, retention, and racial trauma to better understand your "why" and the "why" of others. 

Leave the workshop:
1. Knowing how to be purposeful and explicit with restorative practices through the lens of trauma,
2. Increasing your terminology to communicate better and be more effective and efficient in getting to the root cause, 
3. Being more effective with implementing, modeling your behaviors, and demonstrating what it looks like to start the healing process, and
4. Start your personal restorative journey with a Problem of Practice and a targeted Theory of Action.

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Give yourself and others you engage with the opportunity to work towards healing!

What the participants of the workshops have to say:


Historical Trauma
Rating - 5/5 Stars

"So far, it has allowed me to move past mental barriers and reconnect with my soul." Simone - Undergraduate Student

"This is a great PLC for processing and defining historical trauma. It helps you take a look into your own personal trauma and learn techniques that can possibly help heal and move us forward as a community." - Kathy - RWU professor

"I have shared with a few people about the experience and how positive it has been. I have appreciated the diversity of the group in terms of age/generation, race/ethnicity, and gender. It has all been really well done and really rewarding for me." - Hillary - Education Consultant Exec

"It has been an emotional roller coaster but a very good one. It’ll allow you to understand that all of your feelings are valid and it’s nice to have that space."- Jess - Middle School Science Teacher

"That it's been a journey of discovery -- about each other as much as about ourselves. That it's also been a journey with mutual support, care, and understanding."- Youth Participant

"My capacity has grown tremendously.  Leaning into a difficult situation with curiosity while setting boundaries is a strategy that gives me the confidence to deal with difficult situations that I would have avoided in the past." - Karen - Courageous Conversations


Restorative Practices
Rating - 4.9/5 Stars

"In a trusting environment, we explored methods to strengthen relationships, address challenging interpersonal issues, and much more.  Deep individual and group inquiry led to a better understanding of myself and others.  A very worthwhile investment of time and money that will benefit you the rest of your life." - Betty- Courageous Conversations

"This workshop was helpful to the work I do with my youth and has given me the tools to be able to perform my job better." - Participant (Center for Dynamic Learning - CDL)

"Training was fun, engaging, interactive, and communal.  Love the Community Fish Bowl problem-solving." - Chanda Womack (Alliance of Rhode Island for South East Asian for Education - ARISE)

"I learned more about my own trauma and ways to restore myself.  This was the best training I have ever been to.  The facilitator supported my needs, engaged/included me in the process of learning about restorative and strategically implemented a healthy environment where we were able to develop trusting relationships" - Youth Participant (ARISE)

"The instructor was thoughtful in building community among the participants.  She explained concepts very well and supported us through our learning process.  I look forward to incorporating many elements of this training at a professional and personal level." - Ramona Santos (Parents Leading for Education Equity - PLEE)

"The content and specifically the way in which Somaly skillfully and intentionally practiced the work with us in building community made it clear that these practices go beyond workshop and theory and can be impact-fully integrated into every area of life." - Youth Participant 


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Founding CEO

Somaly Prak-Martins

Somaly is a refugee and survivor of the Khmer Rouge Genocide. She immigrated with her family to the United States seeking asylum from a war-torn country in January, 1981. Having lost everything, obtaining an education was a non-negotiable in her household. As a Cambodian-American woman who did not speak English, struggled with her multi-cultural identity, and inflicted with inter generational trauma, Somaly faced many barriers as she worked to unlock her potential. Somaly has an extensive background in business and almost two decades of experience in education. Somaly has a MaED in School Administration and is a certified Turnaround Principal (Rhode Island and Massachusetts), In addition to her administration certification, Somaly has taught secondary math and business through the lens of Social Justice for more than a decade. She has worked with learners of all levels (elementary to post-secondary). Somaly is relentless and determined to help all Learners UNLEASH their full potential and productively navigate all aspects of their lives. She wants to encourage and inspire others to “PAY IT FORWARD” and help those who need guidance. She believes true FREEDOM is achieved when you free your mind!

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